1 - 5 July 2024

VYSOČINA REGION, czech republic

| 16-hour workshop of your choice from Monday to Friday |

| plenary sessions every morning |

| a wide range of shorter workshops in the afternoon |

| sharing, relaxation, social programme |

A professional programme for those professionals working with people and a development workshop for (their) teenage children.



In the Positive Intention Therapy approach, addiction is seen as a way of achieving an initially positive intention and fulfilling important needs. The workshop focuses on understanding the process of addiction, acknowledging its positive purpose and intervention strategies.

Kim Lee-Own



Dreams reflect the human self, but they are also a way for the mind to practise solving problems. This workshop focuses on the analysis of dreams as a means of understanding the human being and how dreams can be used to find solutions and future direction.


Strengthening self-esteem and experiences of belonging in trans* and non-binary children and adolescents

For trans* and non-binary children, awareness of their own difference and uncertainty about their place in life can lead to avoidance of contact with the world. The course focuses on understanding developmental needs, guiding and supporting the child and developing the necessary competencies.


Anxiety and stress in children - understanding and means of support and encouragement

Currently, anxiety, depression and apathy in children are increasing significantly. This workshop focuses on understanding the symptoms, the function of emotions and ways to support children's resilience and sense of mental wellbeing within the whole class.


workshop for adolescents (15 - 20 years)

Psychokemp is a five-day workshop focused on self-discovery and development in a safe environment.This workshop is suitable for all adolescents who want to regain or support their mental balance, strengthen their self-worth, and find a new perspective on themselves.


Psychokemp: How to lead a development programme with a group of adolescents

Adolescents are "adults in training", they are advocating a difficult position - they are no longer children and not adults yet. This workshop will offer inspiration and tips for working with a group of adolescents as well as an opportunity to experience different methods and techniques to support adolescents on their way to adult identity.

You, us, the beautiful surroundings of the Vysočina Region and meaningful time together.


The idea of organising a summer school of individual psychology in the Czech Republic has been in our minds for some time. Similar events abroad always make us so excited and allow us to experience the meaning of our work that we want to do the same for you.

You are going to experience a week that will be:

• a time full of inspiring interactions with others and examples of good practice,
• an opportunity to obtain new information and share experiences,
• an opportunity to further your professional and personal development,
• a place to meet with your colleagues, make new contacts and possibly establish new friendships, 
• and last but not least, a place to relax, unwind and have fun.

And so we got to it. 

We are already busy with the preparations for the conference, but the goal we have makes sense and we are looking forward to it:

You, us, the beautiful surroundings of the Vysočina Region and meaningful time together.


1 - 5 July 2024

The summer school begins with our opening plenary on Monday at 10:00 a.m., and ends with a Friday lunch. 


The Summer school will be held in the picturesque surroundings of the Vysočina Region at Immanuel Conference Centre.

The venue impressed us by the variety of accommodations and the beautiful countryside. We like its compactness which allows us to be together, but at the same time we can each find our own place under a tree or by a pond for a moment of peace and solitude.

See the price list for accommodation and meals.


For the entire summer school you can choose one of the main workshops for which there will be time each day in the morning and afternoon, that is 16 hours in total. They will be led by our colleagues who work in the individual psychology system. All workshops deal with the use of an individual psychology approach within current topics that professionals encounter in their practice, such as stress and anxiety in children, education and counselling for parents, working with addictions, ...

We also offer a full week workshop for young people aged 15 - 20.

In the evening, there will be space for the conference part of the summer school, i.e. for your active participation and presentation of your work. You can already apply now (via the form below) with your 90-minute workshops, 15-minute presentations or posters.

The programme does not end with the professional part. There will be space to stretch out during morning group yoga sessions and for the evenings to come, we are planning a varied programme. We want to give you the space to be together in other ways than just professionally - social or cultural life, sport and experiential activities will also play a part.


The summer school is not only for those who base their work on Alfred Adler's individual psychology. Participants can be psychologists or psychotherapists, but also educators, parents, leaders of children's organisations, students of the humanities or anyone who is simply interested in the approach of individual psychology.

Moreover, as part of our summer school, we offer a programme for adolescents. Therefore, if you know someone who has almost or has just become a grown-up, and is interested in psychology or likes to discover their inner world and learns to understand it, they are more than welcome to join us.


Conference contribution 11.500 CZK (excluding VAT)

daily schedule

7:00 - 8:00 Optional morning exercise (yoga, jogging, stretching, swimming)

7:30 - 8:45 Breakfast

9:00 - 10:00 Morning plenary 

10:30 - 12:30 Morning part of the main workshop

12:30 - 14:00 Lunch

14:00 - 16:00 Afternoon part of the main workshop

16:30 - 18:30 Conference session

18:30 - 19:45 Dinner

20:00 - 22:00 Evening programme

morning activities

To help us absorb all the impressions, we offer you the opportunity to take part in some of the morning activities. We are planning yoga sessions, jogging, stretching, and if interested, perhaps something more dynamic. The premises also include a beautiful pond where it is possible to swim or rent a boat.


Lenka has been practising yoga since she was 15 years old. At 19 she took her yoga exams and taught her first class. Yoga fascinated her not only with its poses, but also with its ideas and philosophy, which she fully connected with her life. With breaks during her maternity leave, she has been leading yoga classes for all ages for almost 20 years. In her classes she places great emphasis on the current and individual needs of her clients, and in the actual practice she tries to connect exercise with the inner experience. She is enthusiastic about both the simple exercises that yoga has to offer and the complex asanas, as she has experienced first-hand the powerful effects of both. Lenka majored in mental and behavioural disorders in Brno, worked for several years with children and adolescents in institutional care and later became passionate about educational counselling. There, in addition to individual work with children, she also facilitated parenting groups and intervention groups for teachers. Apart from a number of shorter and longer professional courses, she completed long-term adlerian psychotherapy training in Mansio. It was in Alfred Adler's ideas that she found great affection when she saw the connection with yoga philosophy. Respect for human potential, knowing and reflecting on our thoughts and feelings, creating healthy relationships or trusting that everything is going right for our growth. She wants to pass on and spread these values in her personal and working life.
Lenka Hermanová

morning plenary sessions

This year we can look forward to a great line-up with a dazzling start from PhDr. Mirka Štěpánková, Ph.D. followed by a wide array of speakers: Mgr. Magdalena Valášková, Jim Holder, MA, Kim Lee Own, MA and Mgr. Jitka Musilová. The presenters will lead their lectures so that the core ideas of their topics can be shared across the entire participant group. 

More information will be published soon. 

evening programme

MONDAY: The Board and Other Games Evening
The evening to try out various board and related games. We would also like to discuss their possible use for working with clients in different contexts. The board game experts who will guide us through the evening are already preparing a varied selection of them. For competitive players, there may even be a tournament for themed prizes during the evening.

When was the last time you just sat back and played a proper game with a colleague?

TUESDAY: The "Expressive Therapy" Evening
Expressive therapy is deliberately in quotation marks, as it will include old classics such as dance-movement therapy as well as (hopefully) new ways of conceptualising the use of art or self-expression in working with clients. There will be more options to choose from so that the experience can again be enjoyed in smaller groups.

WEDNESDAY: The Zelená Pára Band Concert 
The third day can sometimes be challenging at similar events, so why not let off some Green Steam? 🙂 (for English speakers, “Green Steam” is a literal translation of the band “Zelená Pára” from Czech to English) With a repertoire full of classic favourites, both old school and contemporary tunes, the Zelená Pára Band is guaranteed to make your event go off with a bang! Ready for some buzz and youth nostalgia? We sure are! 🙂

THURSDAY: The Belonging Evening
The last evening will be devoted to a light-hearted presentation of the work done in the long-term workshops and an opportunity to spend some time off together, to exchange important thoughts, smiles or contacts for future cooperation and to let all we have experienced together resonate with each other.

the conference part

Every early evening there will be time for the active participation of you, that means anyone from among the participants of the Summer School.
Please see the registration form where we ask you about your interest in presenting some part of your work. 
If you find out retrospectively that you have something you would like to share with others on the spot, please do not hesitate to contact us:
We offer space for shorter entries - for example, shorter presentations with discussion of 30 minutes, but also a 90-minute workshop where participants can receive hands-on training with you.

Organisational team

Mgr. Kristýna Baumová
- You can contact her with everything related to the professional content of the programme - selection of workshops, your own active contribution, accompanying programmes.

Ing. Marek Kačírek
 - You can contact him with anything related to accommodation and invoicing - registration fee, accommodation, meals…

You can reach them both at

scholarship programme

We are currently offering 5 scholarships at the Summer School.

This means that the participant does not pay the conference fee. If you find this offer interesting, please contact us at with your motivation letter, in which you briefly introduce yourself and explain your motivation to attend the Summer School, as well as the ways in which you will "pass on" the knowledge and skills you have acquired. In other words, let us know how you will make use of what you have learned at the Summer School.

We are committed to spreading the ideas and methods from the Summer School.

The motivation letter for this scholarship position is due by February 29, 2024.

our partners


The Portál publishing house and bookshop, which publishes many quality titles in our field, will be the guest of the Summer School on Wednesday, when you will have the opportunity to buy books at a significant discount at their stand.


The market-leading distributor of board games and toys, which has been supplying a wide range of high quality products from renowned manufacturers and licensing partners for over 20 years, will be joining us at the Summer School on Monday with its new Access+ series. These are games adapted for the widest possible range of people, including those with cognitive impairments. They are designed to stimulate cognitive function, encourage positive emotions and strengthen social bonds, while offering players the opportunity to discover or rediscover the pleasure of playing together.

support & cooperation

Would you like to support our event financially or otherwise? 

Choose how you would like to collaborate with us:

  • With your help we can expand the number of scholarships.
    With this support more students will be able to attend our Summer school, and we would also like to offer it to colleagues for whom finances would otherwise be a barrier to participation.
  • You can also support the merchandise production that we will be giving away and offering for sale at the Summer School. 

  • Each Summer School participant will receive conference proceedings of the event, which may include your advertisement.

    We will be glad to have you contact us.

    We sincerely appreciate your support.