Developing group for children and teenagers

Each of us occasionally need help with something.

Maybe even you can feel that you cannot manage everything by yourself and you could use some advise on how to manage your fear, stress or anxiety.
Maybe you are thinking how to find your place in amongs of your fellow schoolcollegues.
For some people it is difficult to cope with a new situation in the family or at school.
Sometimes school can bring more worries…

How to cope with everything? How to manage it all?

Our development group can be a good help for you.
You will find here safe place where nobody will judge you or test you.
Everything that we will deal with and go through will be done through experience.
No notes, no esseys or marks😊.
We will be practising commmunication skills, we will try to contain emotions, which are sometimes really unpredictable.
We will try some relaxation techniques and many other interesting activities are awaiting – for example some from arthetherapy.

We believe we can enrich you with whole new abilities and your presence in our group will bring happiness and practical results in your everyday life.

And the bonus is you will meet some people of the same age and maybe you can gain new friends.

The group concentrates on:

  • Managing stress, fear and anxiety,
  • Managing difficult situations
  • Work with emotions
  • Practising social skills.

Group will be lead by: Mgr. Bc. Kamila Barlow

Price for the course for one attendent is: 4 200,- 

Lenght: 24 hours – 8 meettings

If you are interested in the developing group to be held in English, please contact us. We are looking forward to our cooperation.

1. Later school years – theme: how to manage in calmness the entry exams without unneccesary nerves?