We will help you to find strength for change

Contact us if you have problems in you life, you are struggling in your relationships or you are planning to make subtantial changes. We believe that many things can improve in your life.

The life story of each person is unique. It can help us to understand the ways we can cope and overcome obstacles and it is a starting block for finding solutions for the difficult situations in life. You can get an overview of your difficulties with our help and find courage do things differently.

We work

  • with adults, adolescents, eventually with children.
  • in the individual, couple or family meetings.

When can you contact us?

When you experience issues in interpersonal relationships (e.g. partnerships, families, similar age groups or work relationships).

When you experience anxiety and fear in life.

When you experience a traumatic situation. 

When you experience a difficult period in your life.

When you go through an acute or a long term stress situation.

When you experience long term fatigue.

When you have psychosomatic troubles.

When you have worries with your children.

When you need a new impulse or a different point of view.

When you are willing to understand your own feelings and find calmness and balance in yourself.

When you want to understand yourself in the surrounding world.

When you want to find a sense of your life direction.

Who are the psychologists and psychotherapists who work with us?

You are going to meet psychologists and psychotherapists who are mainly working in the individual (Adlerian) psychology system.They studied psychology at universities, they underwent psychotherapeutic training and they also regularly attend further education courses.

Our specialists also have many years of experience in advisory and psychotherapeutic work in different contexts and are rich in experience within the school system and parenthood.

We abide by the Ethical codex of The Czech association for psychotherapy in our work place.

The psychotherapeutic school we are working in

Adlerian psychology is very understandable and intuitive. It offers effective and efficient methods to be able to get to the deep topics. Alfred Adler himself named it as a psychology of healthy mind. It directs the way to connect a person in the society which is lead by the need to integrate, to contribute, be useful and be acknowledged. It is the key to the feeling of belonging. How we can fill up the feeling of belonging its reflected in our satisfaction and perception of our own value. The aspiration to get by and hold our place in relationships (for example in the family, in a partnership, in the age group, in the work team) is sometimes filled up even with the price of greater loss than gain. The ways people strive for relantionships can be destructive and seemingly miss the logic.For example we can be here for the others and make their wishes come true and still we can still feel the unimportance and loneliness.
Each of us  imagine good life differently. Our vision is influenced by values, expectations and beliefs, which we are making about us, other people and about life. The change of beliefs or expectation can sometimes be the key to satisfaction. One woman said she started to be more satisfied in life when she changed her expectations.

If you find our service we will together try to understand your experience and what can able you or disable you to experience the feeling of belonging. We will uncover schemes which help you to orientate and act (behave). Then we will look for meaningful solutions and practise how to use them in life.

We are working through talk and other psychologic techniques – work with early recollection, analisis of family constelation, imagination, relaxation, role plays and other techniques.

Price list

The service is supplied by direct pay. We do not work under the health system.

Consultation in English language in the lengh 50 minutes: 1650 CZK including VAT

Couple or family therapy is also possible. 

We will together find the next view at your problems and the way to a meaningful solution.

Contact us.

phone: +420 734 458 502  
mail: info@mansio.cz