Psychological councelling and psychotherapy,
development groups for children and teenagers,


Mansio is organisation providing psychological education for qualified and lay people for the past 13 years. Apart from the courses and training we offer psychological councelling and psychotherapy, various developing groups for children and adults also supervisions. We work by individual – adlerian psychology, which we perceive as understanding and intuitive. It offers effective and efficient methods, through these we can get to deep topics. Alfred Adler himself talked about the approach as a psychology of healthy mind (common sense). It concentrates on the ways how to integrate into society – humanity is lead by the need to integrate, participate (contribute), be useful and acknowledged. Its the key need for the belonging feeling. How we manage to fulfill the belonging feeling in our life it reflects our satisfaction and feeling and our own value.

Mgr. Bc. Kamila Barlow

Mgr. Bc. Kamila Barlow is Czech, who lived and worked for 6 years in England and is basically using English language everyday. She studied psychology in Olomouc while she was working at the oncology department in a English hospital. Apart from the councelling and therapy she does courses for Mansio such as Dynamics of problematic behaviour. She is interested in problems from the education and the behaviour areas which contain one-to-one relations or their own life experience. That is the reason why she is leading the development groups for children and teenagers. 

We offer you all this service by Mgr. Bc. Barlow to those living in the Czech Republic and Czech language is a barrier.



This course can be presented in English. If you are interested contact us and we can arrange it!
In this one day practical course we are learning to identify nature of problematic behaviour of children and teenagers. We are working with a dialogue chart, which contains a batch of questions for reflexion, self reflexion and understanding dynamics of interactions. The information gained from the interview is used for meaningful work on the change of behaviour using supportive, preventive and intervention strateges. The course is aimed for psychologists, social workers, teachers and even for parents who want to change their instructive approach.

Couple therapy and councelling

11. - 14. 4. 2023, BRNO
We have asked Swiss therapist Samuel Schürer (and previously) who is for several years aiming his attention to couple therapy and councelling to expand our offer of education services. In this training you will get instruments of individual psychology which will allow you to understand the couple‘s interaction (for example work with early recollection), you get acquainted with possibilities of how deal with conflicts in pairs and you will learn how to use communication techniques in the couple context.
7 200,-


2. - 5. 10. 2023, BRNO
Early recollections are the gold mine for the understanding of clients beliefs, worries, aims in life and behaviour patterns. In the couple councelling they help us to understand a couple’s dynamics, expections from the relationship, individual needs, potential partner selection. Work with early recollections with couples can lead to the overview which leads clients to solve their reciprocal problems constructively and allows them deepened understanding and support in their relationship.
7 200,-